Oregon Standoff: Militia Protestors are the New #YallQaeda

Watch out Al Qaeda, there is a new sheriff in town and they go by the name of #YallQaeda and they are ready to get their land back! It is all happening in Oregon, as a militia by the name of “Citizens for Constitutional Freedom” has taken over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge. They have taken over a government property and continue to do so and no action has been taken, but that is the white privilege they possess. Any other race and this would have ended days ago, right?

#BeLikeDarsh: A Hateful Meme Turns Into Viral Love

It is the year 2015 and while it seems like we have made so much progress in racism and discrimination, it seems like this year brought light to truly how far we still have to go. Darsh Preet Singh broke down barriers when he became the NCAA’s first-ever turbaned Sikh-American basketball player. He’s kind of a big deal, I mean, his Trinity University jersey is hanging in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, DC! Despite his accomplishments, this hateful meme was made using his photo.

Cuteness Overload: BlackCanine Wins The Day on Instagram

While most memes are funny and get people laughing, there are also popular accounts out there on Instagram that acre creating memes that are beyond adorable, like BlackCanine! For this account, created by Kara from New Jersey, we get to follow along with the daily lives of Ralph and Polar Pig, a Lab mix and former mama Pit Bull. It’s all about promoting a positive image for pit bulls and for rescue dogs and it is done in an adorable manner!

MartinisAndMayhem: The Bad Bitch We All Need in Our Lives

Not all 20 or 30-somethings are married and working on their families, which is why MartinisandMayhem creator Alex Luizzi, 25 from Los Angeles and owner of a Holistic/Organic Social Media business called Socially You (IG @sociallyyou), started the Instagram account. We are glad she did, as it has some amazing posts that most women (and men) can relate to that didn’t take the married route right out of college.

Humor_Me_Pink: Sharing Things We Might Only Tell Our Friends!

There are a few accounts on Instagram that I could scroll through and just laugh at every one of their posts. Humor_Me_Pink happens to be one of those accounts, as it is has posts that every sane person (at least in my crazy mind they are sane) can relate to. While the owner of the account wanted to remain anonymous for this interview, they said they “reference a lot of things that people in their 20’s or 30’s deal with, such as dating, relationships, work, money, etc. Mostly stuff you would talk about with friends while you’re having a few cocktails.”

Diane in 7A Was Not Real, But @Diane_7A is Bringing Her to Life

If you aren’t familiar with Diane from 7A, don’t worry about it, either was I! Back in 2013, The Bachelor producer Elan Gale went on a Twitter rant about a rude passenger next to him on a flight. He was harassing her via notes, that he shared on Twitter. As it turns out, Diane from 7A was not real! This did prompt the @Diane_7A Twitter account, so we can thank The Bachelor for that!

DrinksForGays Makes it Five O’Clock Everywhere on Instagram

There has to have been a time in your life where you said “it’s five o’clock somewhere” when you started your day drinking! No need to worry about that any more, as DrinksForGays on Instagram is making us feel more and more comfortable with drinking whenever we feel a cocktail is necessary. Joel Malone, owner of the DrinksForGays account, said “it’s a play on words. There’s that saying, ‘Legs for days.’ Well, I’m gay and enjoy a cocktail (hah). So I thought, let me replace ‘legs’ with ‘drinks’ and ‘days’ with ‘gays.’ The gay community performs quite a high volume of activity on social media and I do have a lot of gay followers. Part of my plan was focus my account and gear it towards that demographic.”

Insta.Single Hilariously Takes on What We All Hate: Being Single!

Admit it, being single sucks! Whether you are single right now or you have been in the past, we have all struggled with the fact we are going to be alone for the rest of our lives! That is where the Insta.Single account comes into play! The owner of the account, who asked to remain anonymous, said, “It’s to make light of standard issues that we all face. Of course, there is a natural bias towards the single life due to the theme of the page. People can relate because they’re either currently single or have been at some point.”

The Nightmare Continues with @ElmStreetWired as Freddy Krueger

Halloween is a time for us to bring out the scary movies and wrap up in a blanket and hope the things we are watching on the television screen never actually happen to us. With more and more people using social media these days, it seems legit that some of the biggest villains from the scariest movies out there are making their way to Twitter. I spoke with @JasonLVoorhees the other day and now Freddy Krueger felt compelled to chat with us too, as long as he kept a safe distance from me!

We Hope That Helps is Customer Service Done Right on Facebook

As technology improves more and more each year, we are a society that is living their lives online. Because of that, more and more stores are creating websites and Facebook pages to keep in touch with their customers and make sure they are all satisfied. While it all sounds very good, the truth of the matter is people can hide behind their computer screens and the nastiest of comments can be made online, especially unhappy customers!